Attributable Volume

A volume indicator which calculates "Attributable Volume”, the portion of volume which contributed to the direction in which the candle moved.

Attributable Volume is calculated as: Total volume excluding the "counter wick" volume .
Where for a green (up) candle, the "counter wick" volume is the top wick volume .

In theory, Attributable Volume should better represent the effort of directional thrust of each candle.

By default, this indicator displays “Attributable RVOL”, but can be set to:

Note: RVOL = Relative Volume , the current volume divided by the Volume moving average. RVOL can be used to identify major moves, and potential starts/ends to trends.
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This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing!
Fun modification : instead of using a static threshold, maybe plot a 2 and 4 deviation Bollinger band and see which volume candles shoot past them.
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You said ROVL can be used to spot major moves. When should Attributable RVOL be used?
Thanks in advance for reply.
good job
Hello, how to use this strategy
yizhifei yizhifei
@yizhifei, I'm a rookie. I'm a troublemaker. Take me
Good job mate
yizhifei Ereginabrantley
@Ereginabrantley, Hello, how to use this strategy
Awesome work!
Great work as always!
capriole_charles blockchain2k
@blockchain2k, thank you!
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