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What's TradingView?

We're a social network of 15 million traders and investors using the world's best charts and analysis tools to spot opportunity in global markets. Use us to follow your favorite assets, find trading ideas, chat with others, spot trends, and place trades directly on our charts.

Honesty is key

You won't find hidden fees on our platform and we won't be sending your data to any hedge funds

We're not incentivised to make you trade

We make most our money only through low cost monthly subscriptions and ads. We don't care if you trade or not

Home for all traders and investors

We're here to provide you one thing and thing only: the best space to analyse markets

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Traders and investors who visit us every month


Trading ideas shared every month


Custom scripts and indicators built by users

A long time ago

We set out to change the way people trade. Cutting our teeth in Chicago among the best analysts on Earth, we made it our mission to build a place where anyone, anywhere, can succeed through markets.


Get rid of overpriced trading terminals and be the first completely browser-based, cloud-powered analysis platform for the world.


We've done a helluva lot more since then, opening up the planet's most popular network of traders and investors — powered by real-time data and market-leading analysis software. Trading sure ain't easy — it takes hard graft and a lot of learning. But if you've got the guts, we've got the tools and the data you need to find your way.

Our code of honor

The world isn't an orderly place, it's a mess — markets are exactly the same. We'd like to help traders and investors navigate these currents of chaos, find the opportunities that lie within, and then leap on them. To live up to that mission, we've made three principles that all our teams swear by:

Our users are our investors

The overwhelming majority of our revenue comes from our users. So everything we build must be for you. We only partner with the best brokers, and are never incentivised to get you to trade. For us, objectivity is excellence.

We don't create charts, we create freedom

We never lose sight of the fact that millions of traders invest their hard-won capital based on what they see on our platform. So, the tools we build have to be the absolute best possible. The better we do, the better you can do, and the more opportunities you'll have to pursue the life you want to live.

Creativity is the best education

From the outside, finance has always seemed pretty dull — to hell with that. For us, open discussion and self-expression are the greatest keys to unlocking understanding, so we've set out to build the best finance platform with a strong social network at its core.

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