Sqeeze Momentum, DMI and Parabolic SAR strategy

The script combines Sqeeze Momentum, Directional Movement Index (DMI) and Parabolic SAR indicators in long and short scalping strategies

When conditions of long or short position from all mentioned indicators are met script opens position. Once trend changes it closes position and fixes profit

1. Deal start condition includes the folowing filters and requirements:
- Momentum value is adjusted using a relative proportion of volume at each timeframe scale to exclude a chance of opening position at a low impulse stage
- Squeeze momentum trigger condition is automatically checked before a position is opened
- +DI , -DI and ADX values are taken into account to confirm the trend direction
- Position size is taken into account to ensure there will not be opened any excess deals or alerts

2. Exit deal condition was modified using Parabolic SAR indicator. Hence, it is ensured positions will not be closed in a middle of a trend

3. Study is modified into strategy allowing you to use it directly through the trading panel

If you want to obtain access to the strategy please send us a personal message

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