nikitafen46 nikitafen46 19 시간전
XAUUSD: 5 minute XAUUSD Strategy (Gold)
223 4 16
5 minute XAUUSD Strategy (Gold)

Most definitely this is the best strategy I have ever coded. (Read Note Below) Version 3 of PineScript code, 2 contract/lot trades at once, pyramiding = 2. Commission of 100 pips included on each trade, accurate representation of actual spreads, commission_value = 0.02. This is essentially 270% of profit in a single month - check the date on the first ...

LazyBear LazyBear PRO 2년전
BTCUSD: Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]
119573 164 13055
Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]

Fixed a typo in the code where BB multiplier was stuck at 1.5. Thanks @ucsgears for bringing it to my notice. Updated source: Use the updated source instead of the what TV shows below. This is a derivative of John Carter's "TTM Squeeze" volatility indicator, as discussed in his book "Mastering the Trade" (chapter 11). Black ...

ChrisMoody ChrisMoody PRO 2년전
SPY: CM_Williams_Vix_Fix  Finds Market Bottoms
74161 174 10808
CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms

Larry Williams Developed This Incredible Indicator. It Gives The Same Readings The VIX does for Stock Index’s…But This Indicator Works on All Asset Classes. I Customized The Settings Slightly To Create “Percentile” Based Highlight Bars…So You May Need To Adjust Slightly For Your Asset Class. These Are The Standard Settings Shown Here. Designed For Daily ...

rajandran.r rajandran.r 2년전
NIFTY: Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal
64237 77 7712
Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal

Supertrend Indicator with Buy and Sell Indicators. Supertrend is quite a popular indicator. To know more about it check out the article below. 10 Things to know about Supertrend

nikitafen46 nikitafen46 6 시간전
XAUUSD: XAUUSD Strategy Testing Since Start of 2016
64 0 6
XAUUSD Strategy Testing Since Start of 2016

Very similar setup to previous code, but now I added strategy.close orders - the previous ones didn't have them. Commission equivalent to around a 50 pip spread. Initial Capital is $10,000 Pyramiding = 1 - so only one order at once Contract/Lot Sizes = 1 Trend-following

naoca naoca PRO 17 시간전
AMZN: RENK v1.0 for Alert
59 0 5
RENK v1.0 for Alert

For scalping based on 30min Renko-chart fits to Stocks , Forces and Commodities . * This is indicator to get alert of RENK v1.0 strategy. * This is private strategy script.

naoca naoca PRO 17 시간전
44 1 3
RENK v1.0

For scalping based on 30min Renko-chart fits to Stocks, Forces and Commodities. * This is private strategy script.

RicardoSantos RicardoSantos PRO 하루전
EURUSD: [RS]MTF Multiple Moving Averages V1
141 0 13
[RS]MTF Multiple Moving Averages V1

updated with moving average type selection.

ruanx ruanx PRO 11 시간전
XAUUSD: Classical Stochastic Oscillator
55 0 1
Classical Stochastic Oscillator

I guess the build in STOCH indicator has some problem, it shows totally different compare to other software like MT4, so I create this one with the original definition, enjoy it!

Dipak___Z Dipak___Z 하루전
GBPAUD: Average Daily Range
115 7 7
Average Daily Range

It made Easier Trading for day trader

LazyBear LazyBear PRO 2년전
BTCUSD: Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]
70179 92 9270
Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]

WaveTrend Oscillator is a port of a famous TS/MT indicator. More info: When the oscillator is above the overbought band (red lines) and crosses down the signal (dotted line), it is usually a good SELL signal. Similarly, when the oscillator crosses above the signal when below the Oversold band (green lines), it is a good ...

RicardoSantos RicardoSantos PRO 하루전
EURUSD: Function - Hull Moving Average
82 0 6
Function - Hull Moving Average

Function for Hull Moving Average:

ChrisMoody ChrisMoody PRO 2년전
AAPL: MacD Custom Indicator-Multiple Time Frame+All Available Options!
21310 73 4455
MacD Custom Indicator-Multiple Time Frame+All Available Options!

This MacD Indicator has every feature available. See First Post for Details.

ChartArt ChartArt 한해전
SPX500: Bollinger + RSI, Double Strategy (by ChartArt) v1.1
13316 24 1674
Bollinger + RSI, Double Strategy (by ChartArt) v1.1

This strategy uses the RSI indicator together with the Bollinger Bands to sell when the price is above the upper Bollinger Band (and to buy when this value is below the lower band). This simple strategy only triggers when both the RSI and the Bollinger Band indicators are at the same time in a overbought or oversold condition. UPDATE In this updated version 1.1 ...

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 2일전
USDJPY: Valtha Fundamental Candles Trend
117 3 8
Valtha Fundamental Candles Trend

this study is only for Fundamental announcement. // Only on one Minute time frame. // as soon as the announcements release buy when candles green and sell when candles red. Example: The announcement was positive and the candle went green; that is the buy time, and when ever the market want to U turn and candles become red that is time to take profit and stay out.

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 2일전
AUDNZD: Valtha Trend Trader
112 4 8
Valtha Trend Trader

this study is for Trend trader Buy when the market is above the purple line with green candles, AND sell when the market is below the PURPLE line with RED candles.

repo32 repo32 PRO 2년전
NFLX: Candlestick Patterns Identified (updated 3/11/15)
16621 58 2878
Candlestick Patterns Identified (updated 3/11/15)

I decided to republish this one without the trend filter and with all the major symbols active. This will allow for all the patterns to show up. Due to 15 different candlestick formations in this one script, it will be difficult to turn off the last few due to screen size. You can turn off individual patterns on the settings screen. I have everything spelled out ...

Robbins2 Robbins2 19일전
EURJPY: 5 - 15 Min Binary V2
2432 37 265
5 - 15 Min Binary V2

Hey guys As promised back with the updated indicator without needing my blessing to use. Please post feedback so that I can perfect it. Works great on EU/JP and USDCAD with a risk factor of 20 – 25. Use 1 time frame with 15 mins Expiry for nest results. Possible to get 90% ITM with this setup. Updated Feature Risk Factor: Higher the number lowers the risk but ...

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