MODIA Super Sigal :D

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This is a support script that allows you to determine the buy and sell positions with margin signals.

The script is meant for me and my friends, so I do not want to share it with a third party.
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저도 이 지표 한번 써 볼 수 있을런지요.
외환마진을 하고 있습니다만 해선쪽 강좌를 보던 중에 이 지표를 발견하게 되었습니다.
직접 개발하신 지표이신 것 같은데 가능하다면 사용해 보고 싶습니다.
It's hard to open because it's not perfect yet and you can lose money. I'll try harder and open it.
@SIKMUL, thank you for your work. I'll wait, when you will open this indicator for use. Wish you the best. Waiting :)
SIKMUL Invisible_Chaos
@Invisible_Chaos, Unfortunately, I'm going to let others use 0.04BTC for life. I'm sorry.
@SIKMUL, Just give me at least trial for 1-2 days. So I can understand if it worth my time. That's all. I need to see how signals shows and if it repaints. Deal ?
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