THE RSI of the OBV

check yet.

second derivative of obv.
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Hello! Can I get an access please?
psyche_ky maxim_forex
@maxim_forex, sure have fun
# Can I get an access please?
psyche_ky wixx2014
@wixx2014, sure :) have a nice day
can i have access
psyche_ky goldman99
@goldman99, sure :) only its just best version. so i can confirm all casese. i think this will be work well in 1hour chart at BTC
this obv's rsi will give us , the flow of the volume very intuitively.

when flows going over 20 - 30. it's over bought. and we will consider adjustment of the stock cost.

if red line going to dead-cross betwwen ema's obv rsi line. adjustment will coming soon.

i think this indicator is not perfect for the Stock trading, but it will be helpful some case.

good luck to all :)
while you use this script , plz cehck out the vfi, if you don't want to see it.
hello access try it?
@wendys, sure :) but its just beta test ver.

i need more check for it
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