No Nonsense NNFX VP Strategy for Back Testing 3 x Indicators| jh

After testing your individual indicators, it's time to build up your algo with additional indicators and further backtest the strategy.

Using SSL twice here, faster SSL for 1st confirmation, slower SSL for 2nd confirmation and TDFI for volume validation.
릴리즈 노트: Added controls to enable/disable confirmation and volume indicators for comparison
릴리즈 노트: Updated to version 4.
Added a label at the end explaining the various shapes plotted.
Most important change, ATR is correctly assigned upon confirmation signal.
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This is amazing work, Going to be testing this out. Does it re-paint?
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jiehonglim montyjus
@montyjus, It shouldn't.. indicators are from the respective authors.
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VeganMel2296 jiehonglim
@jiehonglim, I've been trying to form my own algorithm, but I can't find a good confirmation indicator, would you be willing to give me some pointers?
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jiehonglim VeganMel2296
@VeganMel2296, try joining the discord forum, there's a list of indicators that's tested with results. I'm testing out Didi and HMA as confirmation.
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seb2000 jiehonglim
@jiehonglim, Why are you testing others out? The defaults you have here on TV are profitable aren't they?
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@seb2000, Good point, but in truth there's no holy grail. One should always have the mindset of improving their algo, to account for changing times and market environments.
sammywilko jiehonglim
@jiehonglim, this might be a dumb question. But do you need to know how to code in order to make your own version? I’ve got the indicators I want to test but other than seeing them manually I can’t work out how to test them?
jiehonglim sammywilko
@sammywilko, Hi, try reading up on pine script, it's not that hard to create a back testing strategy for the confirmation and volume indicators as they are filtering the signals. The full algo will be more complex, due to VP's rules.
Hi. This is so awesome awesome research and coding. Is this based on indicators VP recommends or are you just using equivalent from the types he mentions? Please.
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