Banker Chip Pro (MI04)

The Banker Chip Pro (MI04) indicator is used to track the activity of the banker collecting shares in the stage when price unexpectedly drops drastically,
and also pump & dump action with strong pull-up in stock price.
Therefore, traders need to remain cautions while using this indicator in the trendless market to avoid losing thier capital.

Banker Chip (Red bar) represents the banker's start engaging in the collection phase, while the Banker Washout (Green bar) represents the banker's washout to accumulate more chips.
Thus, if a Red bar is found near the end of a stock's decline, there is a high probability will form a wave of a rebound.
The last bar method is what it's called.

The Pump (Purple bar) represents the banker boosting up the stock price to attract regular investors.
The Dump (Yellow bar) represents regular investors committed to the stock, which is banker profit-taking activity (dump) that may result the price to collapse later.

The Capitulation Zone is when investors give up the stock by selling all the positions during periods of decline. It is a hint of bottom in pricing and consequently a good opportunity to observe whether can form a mark up phase (higher pivot highs and higher pivot lows)

The Risk Level Line (RLL) represents the risk level zone from horizontal 0 to 100. When the RLL rises beyond 80, it is considered a risk zone, may lead to a downward move.
Thus, investors who intend to enter the market at the bottom might use 20 as a safety zone and pay attention to the stock's trend in the future.

Banker Chip Pro features a total of 3 signals which are ⏫️ push signal and 🚀 hot money signal for bottom strategy and ⏬️ dump signal for an exit strategy.
This is referred to as signal method.

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