Nexgen Order Block Helper Ver 0.1.2 By [rEPLAYEr]


Hello. We have developed a logic named ‘OB Helper’ which helps traders to easily find the Order Block and its EQ level.

📩 For those wanting to use our script please DM us.


こんにちは。トレーダーがOrder BlockとそのEQレベルを容易に見つけられるようにする 「OB Helper」というロジックを開発しました。

📩 私たちのスクリプトを使用したい方は、私たちにDMを送ってください。


이 스크립트는 수평매물대인 order block과 OB의 EQ를 찾는데 도움을 줍니다.

📩 본 스크립트의 사용과 활용방법에 대한 자세한 문의를 원하시면 DM 주세요
릴리즈 노트: Hi everyone.

I have updated the OB-Helper I created.

There was majoy Updates.

This new OB Helper find Great Support and Resistant Blocks on your chart again and again.

Please see the image below for a detailed explanation

I wish you all a successful investment.

Thanks :)








오더블럭 헬퍼가 더 강해졌습니다.

수평매물대를 찾아내고 갭에 숨겨진 오더블럭도 집어냅니다.

캔들에 숨겨진 매물대를 활용한 매매법은 아래 자세히 표시되어 있습니다.

더 자세한 사용법을 알고 싶으시다면 저희 시그너쳐를 확인하세요.

릴리즈 노트: Minor Updates :)
즐겨찾기 스크립트에서 빼기 즐겨찾기 스크립트에 넣기

연관 아이디어



오더블럭은 참 신기한것 같아요.

저도 써보고 싶은데 가능할까요?
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오다블럭지표좀 쓰게해주세요 복받으실꺼에요
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May I have access to your indicator?
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Hey there,

Your OB script looks interesting, is it possible to give it a try?

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Trader_AlexK asher.creates
@asher.creates, Yeah why not, we will authorize you for 3-days free trial from today.
hello! may I please have access to this script ?
How do I DM you? I want access to this script or OB Helper.
Hi may I please have access to this script?
Hi may I please have access to this script?
thank you all for the ones who are interested in our script.

it would be better for you to contact us through a direct message. T
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