Higher Time Frame {HTF} Candles [QuantVue]

Introducing the Higher Time Frame {HTF} Candles from QuantVue!

This script was developed to help you visually emphasize higher time frame (HTF) candles.

Higher time frames reduce the 'noise' inherent in lower time frames, providing a clearer, more accurate picture of the market's movements.

By examining higher time frames, you can better identify trends, reversals, and key areas of support and resistance.

The Higher Time Frame Candles indicator overlays higher time frame data directly onto your current chart.

You can easily specify the higher time frame candles you'd like to view, and the indicator will overlay the higher time frame candles directly over the corresponding current time frame bars.

This indicator by default will display the most current higher time frame candle plus the previous 5 candles.

Give this indicator a BOOST and COMMENT your thoughts!

We hope you enjoy.


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