This is MBY Lab.

We are very excited to deploy Hercules metrics.

Hercules strategy operates based on the Relative Strength Index , and displays the price when each Relative Strength Index maintains an upward trend or decreases.

When the stock price rises, the price at the time of entering the overbought or oversold section is displayed as the market price, or when the relative strength index falls when the stock price rises, it is captured and the market price is displayed.

Therefore, this indicator is a momentum indicator , and it can be said to be a non-trend following indicator.

The blue line that outputs as blue shows a graph of the asset change when buying or selling at the price pointed to by this indicator, including 0.2% slippage and 0.2% transaction fee.

Of course, this doesn't mean that this metric is always profitable.

This strategy was created to aid trading.

This indicator is a private indicator, please comment if you wish to use it.

And this version is for VSOP

"Use the link(Invite only script Contact) below to obtain access to this indicator".
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MBY_lab Open Channel(Free) : https://t.me/mbylab_official
MBY_lab webpage : https://www.mby-lab.com
Invite Only scripts contact : telegram @yong9205

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