Multi Time Frame Buy&Sell V4.0 [BACKTEST]

Hi guys,this indicator Developed for Intraday and multi Time Frame Trading. Note: Invite only Script.Request to me Access permission to test this.


Time Frame : can use for 15 min / 30 min / 1h / 4h time
15 min configuration is best result for bitcoin and ethereum .

This can be used : Crypto Currency/ Bitcoins / ethereum ,Forex,currencies ,Index ,Commodity Gold / silver , Oil Market and in Equity / Futures

ETHUSDT Futures 15min

BTCUSDT Futures 15min:


this indicator analyze EMA&SMA support and resistance then combine with pivot point and fibo levels is used to calculate the signals.and finally show entry label on

chart with target point and stop loss


Creating a signal is as simple as adding the indicator called to your chart(buy or sell)label and background color change ( green=buy / red = sell)
green line is target and black line is stop loss.
in top of setting page you can see noise filter option . that can change it to get better result and reduce noise. in setting can set 3 target level and stoploss
NOT:all information show to info panel in chart.

strategy tester : enabled .All you can test this in live market in any segment.
NOT: can to change noise filter in setting setup until to get best result.
Choose any Date Month Year to Current Date and check the results below in the Strategy Tester.

REPAINT/NO REPAINT : No Repaint ,entery labal(buy or sell) and Background Color wont change. In the current candle position wait for the candle to close to see the


"Set alert": Select "Once per bar close" for your alert options.
There are 5 alerts:
- BUY OR SELL (for free TV users)
- take profit
- stop loss

Review and Feedback.Thank you!

Any issues report to me to Fix.Thank you!

how To Get access : Use the link below to obtain access to this indicator or PM us to obtain access.

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