Hi guys!

I give here some details about my new script.

It's a script to find the best opportunity to trade options, sotcks, etf, index, an ocean of securities!

It works it's best on Weekly time frame, and that's how I use it.

There are only 2 settings to do before to dive into the market:

Period: it means how many candles you want to trade before expiration.

Strike: it's where to sell the put and the call, as % of actual price.

It's easier to get it reading about my routine:

Monday morning I open the Weekly chart, I set "period" to match it with next expiring day (if next regular expires in 2 weeks I set period=2, if I prefer to trade a weekly option I can set "period=1"), and I set a Strike. "Strike" 10% means that the short legs must be placed +/-10% from Monday opening price ( we call this price just opening price). If Monday open is 100$ (opening price is 100), and I choose 7%Strike, the short put must be placed @ 93$, the short call @107$.

On the script you can find a green or a red histogram, when it appears it means that there is a good edge to trade iron condor.

On the right side of the indicator you will see the success rate for green and red signal. You can play with Strike to find the better odds, for exemple: XYZ with 10% strike gives 88% success ( so reward / risk ratio is (100-88)/88=12/88= 0.14), and all the trades that gives you by your broker platform a succes rate lower than 88% (that means RR higer than 0.14), is good for us!

So basically we know for each strike and each expiring date, on a given security, our odds by TARI CONDOR, we know our Reward / Risk ratio, and when the market pays more than what we see by the strategy, we have an edge.

If I find a good opportunity I jump on my broker platform and place an order. It's not always possible to find a decent RR, in thoese cases I place a pending order, so maybe after a few days it can be executed as the price moves closer to the wings. But we trade only if we have a real edge! I trade about 10 iron condors in a week.

Once the order has been executed it's time to manage the position, the rules are the basic rules for iron condor: if one candle cloes at the end of the week over one long strike we roll ( up the puts and down the calls) the side that is still in profit, until around the opening price, to collet more credit, raising our RR. If one spread is deep ITM we can close that side, lowering our max loss.

That's it. I will publish my trades over the next days, to better understand the power of this script.

By TARI CONDOR we can trade almost everityhing with options, having a good edge on our side, plus all the benefit in trading options instead trading stocks or etf (levarage is the most important).

Subscribe and Enjoy your wallet!


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