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It is well known that the indices such as SPY and QQQ follow/represent market sentiment. The TICK index literally represents the market sentiment as it compares the number of stocks that are rising and falling on the NYSE. By default, the TICK index is a short term indicator. Therefore it isn't reliable for swing trading or long term strategies. However, it is perfect for scalping.

Although TICK is well known, many does not know how to use it effectively. As part of the background mechanism of this script, I’ve divided TICK into 5 major zones based on the close of each candle: Overbought (neutral with bearish bias), Bullish, Neutral, Bearish, and Oversold (neutral with bullish bias). Along with the use of Heikin Ashi technique, RSI, moving averages and candle analysis, this strategy aims to provide accurate representation of market sentiment and profitable entry and exit points. *** At the time of publication, this strategy has proved to be consistently profitable. HOWEVER, this DOES NOT guarantee future profitability. So use at your own risk! ***

What is it showing?
This strategy is an intraday scalping strategy that uses TICK data to predict market directions for optimal entry and exit points. It is displayed similarly to the famous Supertrend indicator, which is one of the most common ATR based trailing stop indicators, so visually it is easy to read. This strategy is suitable for trading indices such as SPX , SPY , SPX500USD , QQQ , DJI and any other tickers that have high positive correlation with TICK.

Script is proprietary, but as mentioned it incorporates the following elements with additional candlestick analysis, pattern recognition, stop-loss and profit taking strategy:
- NYSE TICK data
- Heikin Ashi candle technique
- Moving Averages

Bullish trend is determined by a confluence of said indicators and analyses, and is displayed as a green line under the price action. The distance is defined by an adjustable value that is based on a percentage of the previous daily ATR value. When a long order is in play, that line also acts as the stop-loss level. Bearish trend is the opposite and is displayed in red, by default.

What's unique?
Detecting a ranging market structure and avoiding overtrading in a choppy market has always proven to be difficult, even for the most professional traders. This strategy has built-in “choppiness” and volatility filtering scripts that attempts to help reduce the number of false entries. These elements are what makes this strategy unique and different from other indictors mashup strategies.
In addition, this strategy takes previous trades into account and “learn” from past trades when determining the optimal stop-loss level to maximize profitability. This allows this strategy to better adapts to changing and evolving market conditions.

Strategy statistics
All parameters are designed for 5min time frame.

At the time of publication, this strategy has proved to be consistently profitable through limited back testing data.

Initial capital = $10000
Pyramiding = 1
Slippage = 3 ticks to account for spread

Default leverage shown = 9x
Quantity per trade = 100% of account
Back testing period at time of publication = Apr 11, 2022 - July 22, 2022
Trading Session = 1000 - 1530 Mon-Fri
Timeframe = 5 min
Gain = 1338.48%
Total trades = 253
% Profitable = 45.85%
Profit Factor = 2.506
Max Drawdown = 19.36%

This release includes default AutoView alerts for trading SPX500USD on Oanda. It includes both long and short order entry alerts, and trailing stop-loss alerts.

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릴리즈 노트:
Bug fixed: Weird steps on TICK Supertrend line
릴리즈 노트:
- Added option to disable Buy/Sell trading signals, to use only as an indicator.
- Added signals for extreme high/low of TICK (> 1000 or < -1000) as green and red triangles

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