Absolute Strength Histogram v2 | jh

v2 changes the way the histogram is plotted.

Histogram shows the strength and can be used to identify trending or ranging periods.
릴리즈 노트: Modified the histogram to reflect the trend colors.
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does this repaint ?
+13 응답
This is amazing mate, thanks for the good work, Do you have this for Meta trader 5?
+6 응답
Can any NNFX traders out there convert this into a strategy like the SSL? Am dumb when it comes to coding. It generally gets in earlier than SSL 5 on Heiken Ashi but has some swings that even volume cant filter out since it seem to agree with volume example WADDA ATAR, wonder if this thing can be used as volume indi.
+5 응답
Has anybody converted this script into a strategy? Amazing indicator !!
+3 응답
@Jose5770, ui currently use it with divergence squeeze or other momentum , onces u get trend momentum next
Great stuff buddy! Appreciate your work :) Thanks!
+3 응답
@nilux, Thanks !
+2 응답
can this tool also see divergence?
+2 응답
Great tool
+2 응답
Appreciate your work. I like a part where you are differentiating the ranging market
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