Volume Spikes & Growing Volume Signals With Alerts & Scanner


This indicator shows arrows when there is a volume spike. It also paints the background when volume is growing. There is also a volume scanner for 8 tickers that will change color in real time when your other favorite tickers see volume growth and spikes.

You can customize the length of DMI, the number of bars to calculate the current volume average from, the number of bars back to get the overall volume average from, the multiple that needs to be hit to give a signal, the position of the scanner table and which tickers are used in the scanner. There are detailed directions as tooltips in the indicator settings you can read to understand exactly what each input does.

All features are customizable as well as which tickers the screener uses.

***HOW TO USE***
Watch for volume to pick up before placing trades as this will help you stay out of the markets when price is choppy. Volume usually brings volatility so watch for the volume signals to show up on the chart. Typically when price has made a big move one direction or is consolidating and you see the volume indicator start giving signals, the market is ready to reverse or continue its current trend but move faster in that direction.

Volume Spikes
When there is a volume spike that is larger than the average of volume over the last 100+ bars(depending on your settings) multiplied by the volume amount multiplier(in your settings) then an arrow will show up on the chart. This arrow will be green if DMI is bullish and red if DMI is bearish .

Volume Growth
A Background color will appear when the average volume over the last 5 bars(depending on your settings) is higher than the average volume over the last 100+ bars(depending on your settings) and is greater than your multiple. It will also paint the background when the volume moving average has increased over the last 3 bars consecutively. The background colors will be red or green depending on buy & sell pressure(DMI). If the background color appears, then you know volume is growing and volatility is near.

Volume Scanner
The scanner can be customized to have all of your favorite tickers by changing the tickers used in the indicator settings at the bottom. When no volume growth or spikes are detected, the ticker will show as light blue. When volume spikes or growth is detected, the ticker will turn orange to notify you.

You can set up alerts as well when there is volume growth, bullish volume spikes and bearish volume spikes on any chart or timeframe.

Indicator Settings
Settings will need to be adjusted across different tickers as some have large swings in volume and some stay pretty even, so make sure to set up different chart layouts with settings that work for each ticker and save them individually so you don’t have to reset these values every time you switch charts.

This indicator can be used as a signal on all markets, including stocks, crypto, futures and forex as long as Tradingview has volume and DMI data for that ticker.

This volume spike indicator can be used on all timeframes as long as there is enough data for Tradingview to use for calculations.

Try using numerous indicators of ours on your chart so you can instantly see the bullish or bearish trend of multiple indicators in real time without having to analyze the data. Some of our favorites are our Auto Fibonacci, Volume Profile , Momentum, Auto Support And Resistance and Money Flow Index in combination with this Volume Growth indicator. They all have real time Bullish and Bearish labels as well so you can immediately understand each indicator's trend.

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