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The MTF Supertrend Indicator is a versatile tool crafted to enhance trend analysis across multiple timeframes. Leveraging the reliable Supertrend formula, it provides traders with a comprehensive view of market trends and potential reversal points.

Key Features
  • Multi Timeframe Analysis: Tracks Supertrend signals over a variety of timeframes, offering a broad perspective on market direction.
  • Percentage Threshold Display: Filters out Supertrend data that is not within a specified percentage of the current price, keeping the display focused on relevant trends.
  • Adaptive Visual Display: Features a dynamic table that shows the current Supertrend status, which is fully customizable to the user's display preferences.
  • Customizable Sensitivity: Users can fine-tune the factor and ATR period settings, allowing for personalized trend sensitivity.

How it Works
  • Supertrend Calculation: Computes the Supertrend using the Average True Range (ATR) multiplied by a customizable factor, detecting changes in volatility and trend.
  • Higher Timeframe Filtering: Prioritizes higher timeframe trends over the current chart's timeframe to avoid chart clutter and focus on the most significant trends.
  • Colour-Coded Trends: Utilizes colour coding to clearly indicate bullish and bearish trends, aiding quick visual analysis.
  • Responsive Display Options: Includes a switchable table view to overlay trend information on the chart, with options for dark and light themes.

Benefits for Different Trading Styles
  • Day Traders: Use real-time updates to catch short-term trend reversals and ride the momentum for quick profits.
  • Swing Traders: Benefit from viewing medium to long-term trends to formulate strategies that span several days or weeks.
  • Position Traders: Utilize the monthly supertrend data to make long-term investment decisions based on prevailing market directions.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Assists traders in making informed decisions by providing a layered view of trend directions across timeframes.
  • Trend Confirmation: Reinforces trading strategies by confirming trends with higher timeframe Supertrend alignment.
  • Customized Analysis: Adapts to various trading styles with input settings that control the display and sensitivity of trend data.

The MTF Supertrend Indicator by is a powerful addition to the trader's toolkit, enhancing multi-timeframe trend analysis and contributing to a strategic trading approach in volatile markets.
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Updated Input names and table names updated to match Tradingview timeframe options
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Lookahead Option: This setting allows users to toggle the lookahead functionality. When "On", the indicator uses real-time data to show trends on higher timeframes, even if the candle hasn't closed yet. This is useful for traders who prefer immediate data to make quicker decisions. When "Off", the indicator waits for each candle to close before updating, providing a more conservative, confirmed trend analysis. This option is particularly valuable for traders who rely on completed signals to avoid false positives.

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