Mongerskit Trading System v2.2 Final revision

This is the latest version without any reported bugs, we have also increased the accuracy by at least 10% compared to ver 1.0 and older versions. numerous tweaks have been done on this and we are going to keep this stable version, till we work on future updates for later.

- Use this system in conjunction to your technical analysis to achieve optimal performance.
- Best time frame is 4 hours and 12 hours.
- DO NOT use the system with pairs that are consolidating.

- final tweaks are done to this revision
- few appearance changes
- minor reported bug fixes
-changed the sensitivity a little more.
-fixed all the reported bugs and issues
-fixed a problem with chart scaling down when using the indicator
-fixed some typo with signal text
- changed the sensitivity and few settings, signals are much more accurate.
- made a few appearance changes.
- Signals may appear less then before but they are much more accurate, use 4 hour and 12 hours together to determine best entry.
- this is the Dark theme, I will release the Light theme too for the ones using lighter background colors.
-fixed the amount of times the signals are shown
-fixed some color issues
This is the first edition of Mongerskit trading system. this is not a very accurate version, this version completely free to use, you can find it in the public library under "Mongerskit" name.

you can request for invitation in the comment section, but you have to leave a review after testing the system out.
the invitation is for a short while just for you to test out the indicator, if you enjoyed the indicator, PM ME.

all members that requested permission in previous versions, should already have access to the new version.
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