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#### PTI_v7.5.4 backtest

- Power Trend Indicator The PTI_v7.5.4 indicator is designed to satisfy both manual and automatic trading.

- We applied various displays for manual trading and tried to implement many manual trading methods as automatic trading.

- Faster entry is possible by applying 45m ~ 60m chart to 6m chart.

- backtest is set based on "bar close".

- Various filters are applied to send only safe and excellent entry signals.

- Bitmex XBT only, optimized for 6m charts.

# 7 entry module
# 14 close choices
# 19 display choices
# 15 filter choices

- By reinforcing the SL, the SL line also changed in line with price changes.

- There is no need to provide a separate TP or SL value to the bot, and it is automatically alerted according to the setting value in PTI_v7.5.4.

- In the strong buy / strong sell section, you can get better profits with the exception of close.

- During the 1 month bitmex bot trading test, repaint did not occur and the same alert signal as backtest was generated.

- You must write your own alert statements for bot settings.
릴리즈 노트:
200107 update
-add trailing stop
-Remove unnecessary filter, close signal
-Added long / short strong condition
릴리즈 노트:
Add alert condition
릴리즈 노트:
200109 update
-Fixed a problem where the entry signal and the close signal overlap
-uncheck switch_line entry
-Strong bull / bear section adjustment

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