Radar Screen v3

This is a combination of various indicators that very rarely conflict, thus giving us a good understanding:

- "Price Rally" detecting whether price is rallying, giving us confidence it will continue.
- Volume - knowing volume is going with the trend is a good confidence check.
- Trend Angle - This will go red or green depending on whether the price angle is going up or down, taken over three bars.
- VWAP for all of these stock traders.
- EMA8 is a very sensitive moving average, good for short term trades.
- CCI SMA is a strategy I commonly use, please check out my other indicators for a functional description.
- Stochastics is used throughout many systems.
- RSI BB shows where price is rebounding of the bollinger band and then moving up or down.

As per all of my indicators, the system is simple - The more green lines you see, the stronger the buy signal. The more red lines you see, the stronger the sell. If its a 50/50 mix of red and green, then don't trade.

I can customise this further or add other strategies, please message me.
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