Baseline_VX1 & Strategy

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Baseline_VX1 *UPDATE-, ERROR FIXES HERE - http://pastebin.com/fKdBfibU
Simple MA Cross with integrated directional bground.
*Edit ma variable in the code to suit your chosen entry style.
To run in line with the VX family / or stand alone :-
Baseline_VX1 (This one)
MACD_VX1 Stoch_VX3 /Strategy, line up all three, place your bets - Black or Green :)
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study(title="Baseline_VX1", shorttitle="Baseline_VX1", overlay=false)
shrt = sma(close, 3)
lng = sma(close, 13)
plot(shrt, color=blue, linewidth=2)
plot(lng, color=red, linewidth=4)
plot(cross(lng, shrt) ? lng : na, style = circles, linewidth = 4)
OutputSignal = lng >= shrt ? 1 : 0
bgcolor(OutputSignal>0?#000000:#128E89, transp=70)
//plot(sma(m1_src, m1_p), color=red, linewidth=2, title="MA1")


What would be the best time frame for this indicator buddy and do i enter on DOT?
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Seems very cool strat, but as a newbie, I can't find its script here, could u please put it or show me where to find it ?
Thank you
vdubus yassou
@yassou, click on the pics
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Yes, would be nice to hear about time frame on this startegy;) big tnaks btw mr. vdubus!