[AngelHouse] Observer strategy Indicator v2.0

Hello, I'm Angel House, an analyst and indicator developer of cryptocurrency.

I would like to introduce the newly developed strategic indicators.

- The Observer strategy indicator is a strategic indicator for trading in the cryptographic market.
- This indicator is available in all time zones, but day training is optimized for 1 hour and skelping is optimized for 10 minutes.
- This indicator generates a Long & Short signal each time two lines intersect.

★ Observer strategy Indicator v2.0
1. The indicator is a strategic indicator developed based on the moving average.
2. The indicators are created by improving the moving average line with algorithms developed by the developer, which can capture faster signals than other cross-selling signals, and have higher accuracy.
3. However, essentially, the moving average is also a backward indicator, so since the stock price movement is followed by a trade signal, the transverse segment may produce an offbeat signal.
4. Long & Short: : A Long & Short signal is generated every time two lines cross, so you can configure a selling strategy based on that signal.
5. The indicators are available in all time zones, but day training is optimized for 1 hour and skelping is optimized for 10 minutes.
6. The signal is not 100% accurate, so even if you configure a strategy for the signal, make sure to set the break line and proceed with the sale.

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