Free alternatives for trendoscope premium algorithms

Hi All,

We not only sell premium algorithms, but we also provide free alternatives to all our paid algorithms.

The video already explains where to find them. You can also find them in the linked ideas in this article. Or simply visit:

Some common questions.

What are the advantages of paid algorithms over free ones?
  • Open the scripts and check the number of updates - we continuously update these scripts with new pine features and make the algorithms more efficient and accurate.
  • Free algorithms are lightweight ones - It will not have all the options or feature of what you see in paid algorithms

You can ask why we also offer free algorithms. Will it not impact us?
  • Algorithms we develop are very complex in nature and not for everyone. So, we want only those people to subscribe our paid algorithms who are familiar with the concept and fully understand the risks. We don't want someone to purchase and then feel like they did not buy right stuff. Hence, we provide free trial access for 7 days and if the free trial is not sufficient, we encourage people to use these free alternatives to learn and experiment further.
  • We get lots of request from people to reduce the cost and price is too high and not affordable. There is nothing wrong not being able to afford premium algorithms. But, meanwhile, we are absolutely sure that we do not want to entertain any bargaining. The costs which you see on the website are final and there is no negotiation possible on that. Meanwhile, we also don't want to disappoint people. Hence people can make use of these alternatives till they get better and be able to afford the premium algorithms.