Manual Harmonic Projections - With interactive inputs

This is another script involving interactive inputs. This is similar to Manual-Harmonic-Patterns-With-interactive-inputs. But, instead of taking XABCD and verifying if it confirms to any pattern, here we only take XABC and project all PRZs.

Example, upon adding the script to chart, it will prompt to select 4 points on chart by clicking on it. if we select X, A, B, C as shown in the chart below, we can see the projection of multiple PRZs. Mid of nearest PRZ is considered as D and rest of the pattern is drawn based on this. However, the pattern can have multiple PRZs. All overlapping PRZs are combined together and shown as one along with merged pattern labels. But, if there is gap between PRZs, they are shown separately.

If no projections found, then patterns and projections are not drawn. However, you can still see XABC lines on the chart.

릴리즈 노트: Minor updates
릴리즈 노트: Updated with all pattern extended library

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