Earnings contain the next fields:

Date - provides the date when the company reported or is expected to report. If the next report date is not available it is derived from our provider's algorithms based on a company's historical reporting dates.

Period ending - the end date of a fiscal period.

Standardized - represents the fully-diluted GAAP EPS. It appears only when a full report is available and it can differ from the As reported. You can read more about the calculation of this here.

As reported - is the EPS collected directly from a company’s press release for the corresponding period. It may differ from Standardized because of the methodology used by analysts  (i.e. Wall Street consensus). If analysts are providing an adjusted methodology, the As reported metric will follow a similar methodology so that the two numbers can be compared. Some companies will have adjusted numbers in their press release and provide Non-GAAP data while other companies may not.

Estimate - the estimated value of the As reported EPS derived from data collected by research analysts. The Estimate and As reported EPS are typically compared to gauge whether an earnings report beat or missed expectations. They can be different from the Standardized number which is a fully-diluted GAAP EPS.

Surprise - the absolute difference between As reported and Estimate. The Estimate is provided by research analysts and the As reported is provided by the company in their earnings press release.

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