What are the meanings behind each TradingView badge?

There are 3 kinds of badges, each telling you something different about a member.

The red MOD badge is given to our moderators, to clearly identify them among our members. This badge gives extra security to our members because it makes it obvious who is a mod and who isn’t, in case you have a question or need help. Members with this badge are official TradingView reps, so follow their guidance at all times!

The yellow TOP badge is given to anyone who becomes a top author. It appears on the profile page and on any post such as an idea, comment or chat message. This badge doesn’t appear on the People Page or on the leaderboards on the homepage. It can’t be bought and TradingView staff has no say in who gets one. Its earned by engaging the community. Each member occupying a spot on one of the 4 leaderboards (daily, weekly, monthly and all-time) has one for as long as this lasts. Hovering over the badge reveals which of these 4 was conquered! They each have 6 spots, so at any given time, 6 – 24 members have a TOP badge though it usually ranges from around 10 – 15 members. These badge holders form a select group within our community. It does not give extra reputation points and does not imply the holder is a top trader. It simply recognizes a big accomplishment on the social piece and provides extra exposure. Note: each local TradingView version has its own list of top authors.

Here are 10 tips on gaining exposure and building reputation.

The colored badge is given to anyone with an upgraded plan, which include extra features. It comes in 4 colours: green for the Pro plan, blue for the Pro+ plan, orange for the Premium plan and grey for the free trial. Members without a badge use the freemium version of TradingView. It has nothing to do with our ranking system. Some believe the badge means a member is a professional trader, who trades for a living. Anyone with an upgraded plan likely takes trading and analysis seriously, but it does not indicate the person is a professional trader. It simply shows an upgraded plan was bought, which helps the community and the platform grow.


MOD, TOP or colored badges refer to different things and it's impossible to say which one is higher or better. You can have more than 1 badge but we show only one and the TOP badge always takes precedence. Hovering over a double badge shows the details of both.

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