MTF DPO-RSI Indicator

This indicator uses the principle of taking the RSI of DPO readings across multiple time frames in order to provide trade signals and an overarching view of market conditions to the trader. My hope with creating this indicator was to present more divergence based signals than your typical indicator, while still keeping those signals at a high quality.

In the settings menu, you may specify:

Indicator Timeframe - the chart resolution that is used to calculate values.

Source DPO Length - the number of bars used to calculate the Detrended Price Oscillator value. The DPO value is the source for the RSI calculations.

DPO Hull Smoothing - how much smoothing is applied to the DPO . Smoothing is accomplished by taking a Hull Moving Average of the closing price, and using this to calculate the DPO value.

RSI Length - the number of bars used to calculate the RSI of the DPO value.

Time Multipliers 1 through 6 - use this to define what resolution each plot will represent. A value of 1 will represent the current Indicator Timeframe. A value of 3 will represent 3 times the current Indicator Timeframe, etc.

Show Plot 1 through 6 - toggles the display of plots.

How I trade with this indicator:

A value of under 30 represents an over sold state for that particular plot. A value of over 70 represents an overbought state for that plot.
Identify divergences on a lower timeframe plot which are apparent in overbought or oversold conditions, and confirm the signal with an overbought or oversold condition, or a divergence on a higher timeframe plot. Divergences which begin in oversold or overbought territory and end inside the 30-70 range tend to be more reliable signals, in my experience. Like all indicators, this is best when used in conjunction with other indicators. Trend indicators, such as double EMA's and Supertrend are my favorite pairing, and a stochastic RSI is a good tool to have as well.

This is my first published indicator! If you find unique ways to use it, drop me a message. I'd love to know what you find. :)
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