Market Sessions and TPO (+Forecast)

This indicator "Market Sessions and TPO (+Forecast)" shows various market sessions alongside a TPO profile (presented as the traditional lettering system or as bars) and price forecast for the duration of the session.

Additionally, numerous statistics for the session are shown.


  • Session open and close times presented in boxes
  • Session pre market and post market shown
  • TPO profile generated for each session (normal market hours only)
  • A forecast for the remained of the session is projected forward
  • Forecast can be augmented by ATR
  • Naked POCs remain on the chart until violated
  • Volume delta for the session shown
  • OI Change for the session shown (Binance sourced)
  • Total volume for the session shown
  • Price range for the session shown

The image above shows processes of the indicator.

Volume delta, OI change, total volume and session range are calculated and presented for each session.

Additionally, a TPO profile for the most recent session is shown, and a forecast for the remainder of the active session is shown.

The image above shows an alternative display method for the session forecast and TPO profile!

Additionally, the pre-market and post-market times are denoted by dashed boxes.

The image above exemplifies additional capabilities.

That's all for now; further updates to come and thank you for checking this out!

And a special thank you to @TradingView of course, for making all of this possible!

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