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So I took an idea from various scripts out there that fcus on EMAs, EMA Ribbons, SMAs, including gains. The idea behind this is to eliminate excess noise by cross referencing values from both SMA and EMA in a more competitive environment. What this does is provide the trend determined by EMAs while using a SMA gain to cut out the fluff so to speak. Works good on multiple coins but is not supported by backtesting since I have not completed the Strategy script as of yet. Currently using this for 1h timeframes on ETHUSD coin in Kraken's exchange. As usual it's all open source and free. Enjoy! Friendly with autoview.

Any questions feel free to pop into our Discord at discord.gg/qQmvm7 .

All donations go to providing better resources for further testing and script sharing, as well as my upcoming carpel tunnel syndrome surgery.

ltc addy- LYUpgsHSHnKeYdNaj9bu9prK4QsnJXEQtP
pinkcoin addy- 2PoeXyAk3rF9FmMC8azme2mGzMYsEiZ5eS
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Changed colors and markers to be a little more aesthetic :)
릴리즈 노트:
Changed markers for better representation

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