CBO (Candle Bias Oscillator)

The Candle Bias Oscillator (CBO) with volume and ATR scaling is a unique technical analysis tool designed to capture market sentiment through the analysis of candlestick patterns, volume momentum, and market volatility. This indicator is built on the foundation of assessing the bias within a candlestick's body and wicks, adjusted for market volatility using the Average True Range (ATR), and further refined by comparing the Rate of Change (ROC) in volume and the adjusted bias. The culmination of these calculations results in the CBO, a smoothed oscillator that highlights potential market turning points through divergence analysis.

Key Features:

Bias Calculations: Utilizes the relationship between the candle's body and wicks to determine the market's immediate bias, offering a nuanced view beyond simple price action. Have you ever wanted to quantify exactly how bullish or bearish a particular candle or candlestick pattern is? Whether it's dojis, hammers, engulfing, gravestones, evening morning star, three soldiers etc. you don't have to memorize 50 candlestick patterns anymore.

Volatility Adjustment: Employs the ATR to adjust the bias calculation, ensuring the oscillator remains relevant across varying market conditions by accounting for volatility.

Momentum and Divergence: Measures the momentum in volume and bias through ROC calculations, identifying divergence that may signal reversals or significant price movements.

Signal Line: A smoothed version of the CBO, derived from its own values, serving as a benchmark for identifying potential crossovers and divergences.

Utility and Application:

The CBO with Divergence Scaling is developed for traders who seek a deeper understanding of market dynamics beyond price movements alone. It is particularly useful for identifying potential reversals or continuation patterns early, by highlighting divergence between market sentiment (as expressed through candlestick bias) and actual volume movements. In this way, it aligns us retail traders with institutional traders and smart money. This indicator is versatile and can be applied across various time frames and market instruments, offering value to both short-term traders and long-term investors.

How to Use:

Trend Identification: The direction and value of the CBO provide insights into the prevailing market trend. A positive oscillator value may indicate bullish sentiment, while a negative value suggests bearish sentiment.

Signal Line Crossovers: Crossovers between the CBO and its signal line can be used as potential buy or sell signals. A crossover above the signal line might indicate a buying opportunity, whereas a crossover below could suggest a selling point.

Divergence: Discrepancies between the CBO and price action (especially when confirmed by volume ROC) can highlight potential reversals.

Customization and Parameters: This script allows users to adjust several parameters, including oscillator periods, signal line periods, ATR periods, and ROC periods for divergence, to best fit their trading strategy and the characteristics of the market they are analyzing.


The Custom Bias Oscillator with Divergence Scaling is a comprehensive tool designed to offer traders a multi-faceted view of market conditions, combining elements of price action, volatility, and momentum. By integrating these aspects into a single indicator, it aims to provide a more rounded and actionable insight into market trends and potential turning points.

To comply with best practices and ensure clarity regarding the informational nature of the Custom Bias Oscillator (CBO) tool, it's crucial to include a disclaimer about the non-advisory nature of the script. Here's a suitable disclaimer that you can add to the end of your script description or publication:


The Custom Bias Oscillator (CBO) with Divergence Scaling and its accompanying analysis are provided as tools for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. The creator of this indicator does not guarantee any specific outcomes or profit, and all users should be aware of the risks involved in trading and investing. Users should conduct their own research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The use of this indicator is at the user's own risk, and the creator bears no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this tool or the information provided herein.
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