Pro Trading Art Open Range Breakout Strategy

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This strategy is based on Selected Candle High Low Breakout with buffer point.

You can select specific candle from input tab by giving time of that candle.

Default Settings:

Start Hour : Hour of starting candle means from this input you can specify opening candle. Default is 9.
Start Minute: Minute of starting candle. Default is 15. Means Default opening candle is 9:15

Stop Hour : Means After this time no new trade will execute.

End Hour & End Minute & Close All Trade : Means when you specify End Hour and Minute and Close all trade is true then strategy will close all trade on specified time.

Buffer : With the help of this option you can add some point in High and low of Opening Candle

Trade Mode : You can specify Target and Stop Loss in point or Percent

Stop Loss Point or Percent : This will work according to Trade Mode

Target Point Or Percent : This will work according to Trade Mode

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Update Notes:
Default Variable Updated
Stop Hour : 14
Stop Loss Point : 10
Target Point : 500
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Target & Stop Loss Update
Previously I was calculating target and stop loss from High and Low of entry bar. But after some recommendation from you guys, Now It's calculating from entry price.
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Trade Optimized

Detect Strong Range
Now validating strong movement with the help of opening candle size. By default I'm saying if opening candle length is greater than 0.4 % then consider it as a strong move. You can change is from "Open Range %" Input field.

Trade Gap: New Input Field
Now I'm checking if market giving you more than 100 point profit then change stop loss to entry_price + Trade Gap/4. Means if market move 100 point and again market reverse then at least you can book 25 point profit.
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Profit Booking Update

Min Profit Point After Trade Gap : New Input Field
Now you can book profit on specific point, when market move more than "Trade Gap" Point. Suppose market move more than 100 point in profit and market reverse then you can book at least 50 point profit. This is default. But now you can change it from input tab.
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Alert Added:

For fully automatic alert select "Order fills only" and in message box paste this : {{strategy.order.alert_message}}

And you can change message from input tab
Long : Message for long trade.
Short : Message for short trade.
Long Exit : Message for Long exit.
Short Exit : Message for Short exit.

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