DSS Bressert Stochastic MTF

Double Smoothed Stochastics – DSS Bressert is an oscillator introduced by William Blau and Walter Bressert shortly after each other in two slightly different versions. The calculation of DSS Bressert values is similar to the stochastic indicator. The difference is the use of double exponential smoothing. The advantages over the classic stochastic oscillators are the fast response to price changes in a still very smooth pattern. In addition, the extreme zones at the other end of the scale are reached quite frequently, even in strong trends, resulting in many trend conforming signals. Double Smoothed Stochastics – DSS The Bressert values are the same as the stochastics – values above 80 indicate an overbought condition of the market, values below 20 indicate an oversold condition of the market.

This is a full implementation of the original Stochastic Calulation with Multi-Time-Frame options. Other available scrips are lagging here and messing MTF up...

This Scrip will plot 2 lines for the double smoothed Stochastic based on the original exponential calculation from Blau/Bressert. Whilst the original stochastic is only simple moving average.

If you are a daytrader or scalper, the script is able to show a slow line and a fast line pair. Preferred Settings are embedded as screenshot.

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