Candles - 2 or 3 consecutive pattern + Custom pips threshold


- Detect a 2 or 3 consecutive candlestick pattern. Input the value into the first input value.
- Choose the minimum and the maximum amount of pips of the candle that you want to detect. The indicator will detect candles within that pips range and highlight the consecutive pattern
- Choose to not use the pips threshold. If disabled the indicator will constantly check for consecutive candles pattern.
- Choose if calculate pips taking into consideration OC (Open - Close of candles - Body) or HL (High - Low - Body + Wick)


- Enable Boxes: when enabled a box is drawn around the pattern detected
- Enable Lines: when enabled lines from top/bottom/mid of the boxes are drawn
- Extend the lines

BuP = Bullish Pattern
BeP = Bearish Pattern


The aim of the indicator was to spot 2 common patterns in one indicator: Three White Soldiers and Three Black Crows
The rest is all implementation because I like coding.

Anyway on all timeframes 3 consecutive candles with a similar body length seems to be an alarm that Market Makers are joining the gfame before a major manipulation so it worth keep an eye on those.

From my experimentation from ltf 1 minute timeframe to htf 1H timeframe, 3 consecutive candles with a body length between 10 and 20 pips could be the ones to keep an eye on before a reversal or a strong continuation.

For sure they are zonez and levels where MM would come back later.

Adjust the settings as you want and happy trading!

This is just an indicator nothing more

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