crypto futures hourly scalping with ma & rsi - ogcheckers

hi to all lovable traders,
hereby i want to share a combination of trade ideas for scalping

i've chosen hourly timeframe

indicators used: moving averages and rsi

moving averages:
ema 3, ema 5, ema 7
sma 3, sma 5, sma 7
daily_ema_3, daily_ema_5
daily_ema_5, daily_sma_5

rsi 7, rsi 14, rsi 26
daily_rsi_7, daily_rsi_14, daily_rsi_26

as per the analysis over moving average behavioral patterns & rsi movements, useful points are given below which will be helpful while choosing good entry points & exit points,
strategical points for LONG:
* when ema3 crosses above sma3 - green candles start to form
* it's followed by ema5 > sma5 and ema7 > sma7
* when ema3 crosses down sma3 - it's considered as an indication of exit
* if rsi supports then can wait for ema5 crossing down sma5
* as similar, when daily_ema_3 crosses above daily_sma_3, its an higher timeframe bullish indication, so the lower timeframe entries inside this higher timeframe is a sure shot confident entry
* for LONG always take entries when rsi_14 < 30 or 25 else check rsi_7 < 25 or below
* as along the above, bullish CANDLE patterns like bullish engulfing , morning star is been used for entry at lower levels
* so here i've used OPEN as rsi_source in majority
* exit points also indicated at high_rsi and moving average crossunders or reverse crossovers
* for SHORTING, the above said ideas can be used in viceversa
* inputs in the indicator were tailored for users needs so that you will enjoy the magics of customization

if i am wrong in anyways regarding the above indicator strategy, please forgive me and help me improve in this aspect by commenting.
after few more studies and analysis and mainly QUERIES & COMMENTS, i'm planning to backtest these strategies here in tradingview.
also if these strategies are coded in python, we can link it to Binance Futures Algo or Bot Trading.

thankyou for this opportunity,
thanks to tradingview and pinecoders
thanks to Pranab (for 365MA)
thanks to Gandalf (for inspiring)
Special Thanks & Love to Chartbank for Everything

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