John Carter's Buy/Sell Scalper (with alert)

Basic indicator with signals. Con: Presents multiple signals in the same direction (should be ignored, according with the strategy).
May 09
릴리즈 노트: Just made a small improvement, since altcoins tend to gap between intraday bars, not showing the true price action.
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How do I use it?
IagoLemos ClearOpenDoor
@ClearOpenDoor, this strategy works by opening a position in the direction of the third consecutive close upwards/downwards. Only the reversal signals should be taken in consideration (example: if you get 1) Short signal; 2) Short signal; 3) Long signal, the second short signal should not be considered).
I find this strategy more useful on trending days.
ClearOpenDoor IagoLemos
@IagoLemos, thank you.
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