[RESEARCH] Renko Chart Identifier

Despite I am not a big fan of Renko I spent some time to solve a common problem of chart type identification using absolutely obvious technique: Renko bricks have the same size. That's all. Not a cutting-edge maths.

This tool allows to identify:
  • ATR Renko charts (see ^)
  • Traditional Renko charts

Here is example for Traditional Renko:

It also works correctly with other chart types:

Classic Candles




Range Bars

Remember @everget!
And pay attention to the license before use)
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whats the use ?

we know what is renko & what not
+4 응답
everget vikkranntshah
@vikkranntshah, Who knows? What does "we" mean? This is a common case for developers to identify chart type inside their scripts to apply different sets of settings or different display modes etc.
+4 응답
Very good idea and cool work mate !
+3 응답
everget LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, thanks mate!
this could help me a lot, in one of my scripts, to show few EMAs ( which saves me from indicator limit ). I manually hide the ema that i use specifically on renko. Now I can use this.
Thanks Buddy.
+1 응답
Brilliance is in simplicity :)

Good thinking brother.
+1 응답
everget Pratik_4Clover
@Pratik_4Clover, thanks a lot!
Very ingenious! Good idea.
+1 응답
@LucF, Doc, no problem) Le monde est a nous)
Please I've been trying to add Renko live chart on my mt4 but after inputting my settings, it doesn't appear offline. Can you help me out?