Dynamic Momentum Gauge

The Dynamic Momentum Gauge is an indicator designed to provide information and insights into the trend and momentum of a financial asset. While this indicator is not directional, it helps you know when there will be a trend, big move, or when momentum will have a run, and when you should take profits.

How It Works
This indicator calculates momentum and then removes the negative values to focus instead on when the big trend could likely happen and when it could end, or when you should enter a trade based on momentum or exit. Traders can basically use this indicator to time their market entries or exits, and align their strategies with momentum dynamics.

How To Use
As previously mentioned, this is not a directional indicator but more like a timing indicator. This indicator helps you find when the trend moves, and big moves in the markets will occur and its possibly best to exit the trades. For example, if you decide to enter a long trade if the Dynamic Momentum Gauge value is at an extreme low and another momentum indicator that you use has conditions that you would consider to long with, then this indicator is basically telling you that there isn't more space for the momentum to squeeze any longer, can only really expand from that point or stay where it currently is, but this is also a mean reverting process so it does tend to go back up from the low point.

  1. Length: This is the length of the momentum, by default its at 100.
  2. Normalization Length: Length of the Normalization which ensures the the values fall within a consistent range.

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