This indicator uses the Least Squares Moving Average (LSMA) in tandem with the Arnaud Legoux Moving Average (ALMA) and Hull Moving Average (HMA) to generate buy-sell signals, represented by the light blue and orange crosses respectively.

The yellow lines produced by the indicator show periods of market uncertainty and possible reversal, and a modified, user-defined VWAP is given along with a 200 EMA. The point of this indicator was to create a smoother, more visually appealing moving-average, price action-based indicator when compared to the trend-step and simple moving average indicators available. This indicator uses a fast (25 period) LSMA coupled with a slower (50 period) HMA and ALMA in order to make signals both smooth and fast.

This indicator will work on all markets, except the modified VWAP will naturally not function if the volume is unpublished for that market. Use of this indicator will be very strong in trending markets, as the yellow line will spot possible reversals quite early, meaning the trader can be ready early for the buy/sell signal to appear. Use of this indicator in sideways market conditions will be limited, as it is for all moving average-based indicators, but the damage will be minimal as bad trades will be quickly realized by the indicator and the color will switch to yellow, this is possible because of the settings differences between the period lengths of the LSMA vs the ALMA + HMA.
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