FOMO Alert (Miu)

This indicator won't plot anything to the chart.

Please follow steps below to set your alarms based on price range variation:

1) Add indicator to the chart
2) Go to settings
3) Choose timeframe which will be used to calculate bars
4) Choose how many bars which will be used to calculate max and min range
5) Choose max and min range variation (%) to trigger alerts
5) Choose up to 6 different symbols to get alert notification
6) Once all is set go back to the chart and click on 3 dots to set alert in this indicator, rename your alert and confirm
7) You can remove indicator after alert is set and it'll keep working as expected

What does this indicator do?

This indicator will generate alerts based on following conditions:

- If min and max prices reach the range (%) from amount of bars on timeframe set for any symbol checked it will trigger an alert.
- If next set of bars reaches higher range than before it will trigger an alert with new data
- If next set of bars doesn't reach higher range than before it will not trigger alerts, even if they are above the range set (this is to prevent the alert to keep triggering with high frequency)

Once condition is met it will send an alert with the following information:

- Symbol name (e.g: BTC, ETH, LTC)
- Range achieved (e.g: 3,03%)
- Current symbol price and current bar direction (e.g: 63,477.1 ▲)

This script will request lowest and highest prices through request.security() built-in function from all different symbols within the range set. It also requests symbols' price (close) and amount of digits (mintick) for each symbol to send alerts with correct value.

This script was developed with main purpose to send alerts when there are strong price movements and I decided to share with community so anyone can set different parameters for different purposes.

Feel free to give feedbacks on comments section below.

오픈 소스 스크립트

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