Multi Timeframe Supply & Demand Zones

Hello fellow traders and coders, I’d like to introduce the multi time-frame supply and demand indicator that you’ve been looking for, its a dynamic script encompassing a lot of features however it is merely a tool to be used in conjunction with your own market analysis.

  1. A maximum of 2 time-frames that can be customized independently.
  2. The ability to change individual swing lengths that create the supply and demand boxes, all time-frames will come set at 7, you can however set this to whatever you are comfortable with.
  3. Supply and demand functionality for both time-frames.
  4. The ability to either use (highs and lows) or closes for mitigation of supply and demand zones, meaning that if set to close the zones will be mitigated if a close is above the top for supply and bottom from demand, the same will apply when the high and low flag is used.
  5. The ability to customize box colors, border type, border width and text size.
  6. The ability to prevent lower time frame structure from showing on higher time frames which I don’t advice as it will provide you with an inaccurate perception of the lower time frame structure hence I’ve made the feature available but set it to false.
  7. The script also has a section called general settings that will allow you to hide all the supply and demand zones on the chart.
  8. The ability to choose the number of supply or demand zones to display per time-frame.

General Settings Functionality.
  1. Input 1 allows you to hide all the demand zones on the chart.
  2. Input 2 allows you to hide all the supply zones on the chart.
  3. Input 3 if false will show lower time frame structure on a higher time frame. Default is true to prevent inaccurate results on higher time-frames.

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