Explosive Potential

This script looks at times where MACD is within a specified range (very close to 0 values) and price action is very constrained (under 2%). Historically price has made a strong move after these conditions.

I typically run this on an 8H timeframe.

Review on BTCUSD and other cryptos.
Apr 11
릴리즈 노트: Increased the 'Price bar back' range (for lower timeframes).
Made price threshold input a %
Apr 11
릴리즈 노트: Updated script example snapshot
Dec 02
릴리즈 노트: Added alert condition + video tutorial for tuning:
즐겨찾기 스크립트에서 빼기 즐겨찾기 스크립트에 넣기


HI thanks a lot , I loaded the script but dont see anything different can I use this to check past explosive value s?
sydneyshan mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, yes - try the 8H timeframe on ETHBTC on Bitfinex of BTCUSD 8H through 2014-2017
mycotoxin sydneyshan
@sydneyshan, Cheers testing now
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, Cheers works well with ETH
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