This strategy has TSI and CCI indicators with the CCI being based on a HMA instead of the Price.
There is a number of conditions that must combine to create buy or sell signals, but it is basically a couple of MA crossovers.
The strategy opens new orders on each candle if the conditions are met, Either direction, so it is hedging.
It wont open new orders if there is a floating loss, and so is constantly attempting to hold a floating profit (drawup instead of drawdown)
But It has a StopLoss (set by user) for closing of losing orders, and it closes all orders in basket style when account is in profit to users set amount target profit.
Low commission set to simulate swap but Forex pairs generally dont have commission like the crypto exchanges do. So if you use this on cryptos, remember to increase the commission to your brokers amount.
Crypto users will likely find that because this opens so many orders the commission could erase its profits.
So i recommend this for Forex only, and perhaps, only NZDUSD 4H chart. other pairs, change settings for.
The strategy has settings for testing on target time spans, so you could test it on just Jan-Feb 2020 for example, if you want, or from Jan 2020 to present day.

Have Fun! Open Script for copy/paste/edit/publish your own version :)
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