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There are a million oscillators out there based on volume. My biggest problem with them is that they simply tell you whether you have volume to the upside or volume to the down side. it's kind of tricks you with the lack of information into thinking you have a change in your trend or that you're going to be able to break out of a range across a moving average or through some trend line or support and resistance.

However many of these Oscillators are failing because they lacked to tell you one key thing. they tell you that you have volume but they never tell you if it's enough volume.
Even a popular indicator like the MACD can have its MACD Line crossing upwards over the signal, telling you that you have an uptrend but again it's still failing to give you the results of how much volume you have and is it enough volume in that crossover. It boils down to the one key fact that with out volume there is no momentum. This should be able to make trading crossovers a lot easier.

So in today's video I'm going to show you the newest addition to the trading View Community Scripts and it is called,

"The Bull Bear Void Volume Oscillator"

From my own testing, this oscillator can predict weather the next candle will get you the move you need or not.
In the markets you cannot have anything good without volume. after you have volume you have momentum. you cannot have momentum without volume and this is the key thing that causes people to fail when they look for breakouts, trend reversals, or if they're wondering whether this move is a fake out.

This indicator is based on the study volume spread analysis or VSA.

This indicator is designed to be paired perfectly with the Heiken Ashi Algo oscillator.

This indicator is strictly to be used as a confirmation indicator and not to be used by itself to tell you when to buy or sell.

what are its parts.
The void
is a bullish and bearish Cloud that appear extending from the center of words and the center down words. This is the average range of volume. anything that appears to close inside of this void is usually a ranging volume and it is not enough to break the trend or break out.

The MACD and MACD Signal Line
Just like using the macd these two lines indicate whether the trend is moving up for the trend is moving down

The Colored Columns
RED Column - Indicates volume movie downward
Light Red - indicates volume is pulling back from a downward move
Green - indicates volume is moving upwards
Light Green - indicates volume is moving down from an outboard move

The macd line must be underneath the signal line and the macd line must be below the midline.
A bullish column must appear below the midline and it must extend outside of the red void.
if you are using the heikin-ashi Aldo oscillator you must also have a red heiken Ashi candle close below -10.

To do a by trade you simply reverse the rules.
릴리즈 노트:
1. Removed unneeded moving averages
2. recalculated MACD and SIGNAL lines for visibility
3. Removed secondary "hline"
4. Added TREND COLORS to make MACD and SIGNAL more visible
5. Added color calculation to TREND COLORS to show when profits are being taken vs reversal positions are being generated.
릴리즈 노트:
1. I removed all but the Volume Weighted Moving Average from the "VOID" calculation as VWMA is giving the best results over all.

2. Removed un-needed testing code.

This should now be a finished product
릴리즈 노트:
-Updated the TITLE of the Oscillator to include "with Trending Volume". Now when volume is actually trending you get a better visual.
-Updated default fast and slow MACD inputs to match my trading style.
-Added background color to the oscillator to make it easier to know when volume is trending up or down. In the previous version it was hard to see the ribbon color changing behind the volume bars.
릴리즈 노트:
Updated Script name to indicate the new changes.
Add alerts for when volume enters a "Tradable Zone"

GreenZone = You have a new Green background
RedZone = You have a new Red background
NewZone = You have a new Green OR Red background incase you like to swing trade
릴리즈 노트:
-Name is now changed to represent that this oscillator also lets you see Hight Time Frame
-Added color coding for Hight Time Frame Volume separate from current or chart time frame

**In a later release there will be signals appearing to show confirmation of trend reversals, Simple pullbacks in volume, volume exhaustion."
릴리즈 노트:
Adjusted bar color setup to make volume rising or falling more clearly defined
Added a volume regression calculation and then a moving average showing the HULL calculation of the momentum of volume. This was done to filter out direction of the move.
릴리즈 노트:
corrected and removed background color setup
릴리즈 노트:
Corrected background color to match actual trend.
When background is green, you are looking for longs
When background is red you are looking for shorts.

If the background stays the original color during a pullback, its a confirmed pullback and no a trend reversal.

Light Blue Line = is a Volume filter showing you the HIGHS and LO's of volume as it changes. You can only trade in the new direction when volume breaks its previous HIGH or LO.

Purple line = Is a moving average to be used as an EXIT indicator. It tells you when the previous trend is over or when the pullback is over.
Once it crosses over the blue filter, you can also look for trades in that same direction as the crossover.

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