Price Action (ValueRay)

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With this indicator, you gain access to up to 5 moving averages from a selection of 15 different types. This flexibility allows you to customize your trading strategy based on your preferences and market conditions. Whether you're a fan of simple moving averages, exponential moving averages, or weighted moving averages, our indicator has got you covered! Additionally, all the MAs are Multi-Time-Frame!

The indicator also provides trading signals. By analyzing market trends and price movements, it generates accurate buy and sell signals, providing you with clear entry and exit points. You can choose between Fast, Mid, and Slow signal speeds.

Trendlines are another crucial aspect of effective trading, and our indicator seamlessly integrates them, helping you visualize the market's direction.

Furthermore, the indicator empowers you with recent highs and lows. By highlighting these key levels, it becomes easier than ever to spot support and resistance areas, aiding you in making well-informed trading choices.

Additionally, you can switch the ADR% (Average Daily Range as a Percentage) on and off. This number instantly provides you with information on how much the stock usually moves per day as a percentage.

Key Features:

Up to 5 Moving Averages, each with its own timeframe.
SMA, EMA, WMA, RMA, Triangular, Volume Weighted, Elastic Volume Weighted, Least Squares, ZLEMA, Hull, Double EMA, Triple EMA, T3, ALMA, KAMA (more to come in future versions).
Recent High and Low Pivot Points acting as support/resistance.
Trendline indicating the current trend.
Buy/Sell Signals (recommended for use as exit points, stop loss, or take profit levels).
Signals can have three different speeds: Fast, Mid, and Slow. You can switch them anytime depending on how quickly or slowly you want to exit a trade.

The predefined colors are best suited for a dark background, and the predefined settings provide a solid starting point that many traders use in their daily work.

Unlock the full potential of your trading strategy with our comprehensive indicator and start making informed trading decisions today!
릴리즈 노트:
  • Better default values
릴리즈 노트:
  • Code clean up
  • Better default values for swing trader
릴리즈 노트:
  • Added MA Zone between SMA 20 and EMA 21. Both well respected MAs, this Zone is a good defined S/R Zone, hence both MAs are often used.
  • Added MA Zone between SMA 20 0and EMA 200. Both well respected MAs, this Zone is a good defined S/R Zone, hence both MAs are often used.
릴리즈 노트:
  • Removing Signals for better performance. I will code a separate signal indicator in the future. The code is still inside if you are interested
  • Sligtly recode MA in different Timeframes for better Code Structure
  • Slightly longer trendlines
릴리즈 노트:
fix an error
릴리즈 노트:
Added the TRAMA Indicator as MA
You can choose to see the ADR% or the ATR% or none of both

ValueRay ➤ Stock Screener and Value Analyser in Hedge-Fond Quality
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