FVG w/ Fibs [QuantVue]

The "FVG w/ Fibs" indicator is a trading tool designed to identify and visualize Fair Value Gaps (FVGs) while overlaying two Fibonacci retracement levels.

• Bullish FVG: Occurs when the low of the current bar is higher than the high of two bars ago, and the previous close is higher than the high of two bars ago.
• Bearish FVG: Occurs when the high of the current bar is lower than the low of two bars ago, and the previous close is lower than the low of two bars ago.

The indicator filters these gaps based on user-defined criteria such as the minimum percentage size of the gap.

Once identified, these FVGs are highlighted on the chart using customizable boxes and the 50% and 61.8% (default settings) Fibonacci retracement levels are calculated and drawn based on the size of the identified FVG.

• Dynamically updates and extends the boxes as the price evolves.
• Alerts / visual changes for FVGs that get filled.
• User option for fills by Wicks or Close
• User-customizable settings for box colors, styles, and Fibonacci level appearances

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