The Divergent - Advanced Divergence Indicator

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Automated divergence detection with unparalleled customizability for any market on TradingView.

This is the Basic (Free) version of The Divergent - Advanced Divergence Indicator.


1. Divergence detection for any market & any timeframe

Bitcoin? Tesla? Gold? You name it. The Divergent will spot divergences for you on any market and any timeframe.

2. Choose from 2 built-in oscillators

The Basic version of The Divergent comes with 2 built-in oscillators: MACD and RSI

3. Automated detection of Regular Bullish and Regular Bearish divergences

The Basic version of The Divergent can detect two types of divergences: Regular Bullish and Regular Bearish

4. Complete control over every aspect of divergence detection

The Divergent exposes over 40 different settings to allow you fine tune the divergence detection algorithm.

- Oscillator (MACD / RSI)
- Detect Regular Bullish Divergences
- Detect Regular Bearish Divergences
- Pivot Detection Source (Price / Oscillator)
- Source smoothing
- Candle Pivot Detection Mode (Bodies / Wicks)
- Pivot Lookback Right
- Pivot Lookback Left
- Divergence Max. Length
- Divergence Min. Length
- Number of Historic Pivots to Compare
- Pivot Correction
- Restrict Starting Pivot to a Single Divergence
- Allow Early Detection of Divergences
- Line of Sight filter
- Minimum Pivot Change filter
- Pivot Candle Color filter
- Moving Average Filter
- MACD settings
- RSI settings

5. Divergence statistics

6. Fully documented

The Divergent has each and every of its inputs documented via tooltips inside the settings panel. Simply hover your mouse over the ( i ) icon next each the input field to learn more about the purpose of the configuration.

릴리즈 노트:
Version: 2022.03.04-r10
  • Fix "calculation takes too long to execute" issue
릴리즈 노트:
Version: 2022.04.01-r11
  • Fixed an error that prevented the indicator from loading on the chart

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