Binary Options Strategy Template

With the hype around Binary Options trading (more like gambling instead of trading) it is good to be able to backtest a strategy before using it in the live markets.
In a Binary Options trade the trade get's closed after a specific amount of time and the only thing that matters is if the market has increased in price or decreased after that amount of time.

Because of this a strategy backtest should close all positions after a specific amount of time. In this super small script the number of bars since the trade was opened is used as a way to close the position. So for example if you use this strategy on the 1 minute charts with number of bars set to 5 it will close the position 5 minutes after opening it. Purpose of this script is using it as a strategy on already existing scripts to check viability for options trading.

With the limited pine knowledge that I have I do not know if it is possible to create a more realistic binary options strategy which also calculated the profit. If someone knows a more advanced version of this please let me know.
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