Relative Volume

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It is difficult to know how much volume is going on DURING the last bar,
therefore this "Relative Volume" (RV) script, previous bars are as usual, but the last one
adjusts the measured volume by comparing how much time passed and multiplying
this with the volume .

Here (5 minute bar) there are 31 sec passed of the 5 minutes
The standard volume show little volume (since there is only 31s passed)
The "RV" multiplies this so you'll see how much this volume would be over 5 minutes,
IF everything goes the same for the rest of the 5'.

1' 5sec passed:
(so relatively more volume )

3' 4sec passed:
(With about 2' to go, you see there is a lot going on with the volime,
while seeing the standard volume , nothing much...)

Little 4' passed:


Almost 5' gone:


This "RV" volume can diminish when during the bar the volume fades.

I think this can help evaluating the volume during the last bar

W example:

M example:
(You can clearly see that during the first 4 days there is a lot going on!)
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good one fikira... thanks for sharing
fikira idrisbengali
@idrisbengali, Thanks!
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