Normalized Relative Vigor Index

This is the Relative Vigor Index indicator just multiplied by 100 to have non-zero integer part
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looks great - i liked how this is visually "clean" - if i would do this, i would think of using just a WMA for the averaging - for me, WMA expresses the importance of the most recent change in value than any other averaging (SMA, SWMA and even EMA) - then get rid of the fractions in the values completely - makes it even easier to interpret mentally.

Great work.
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everget RedKTrader
@RedKTrader, thank you, sir!
eto neploho no posmotri na Enhanced Index )) Mozhesh prikrutit' tuda alerty?
mrgr888n mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, pochemy to s'elo avtora - LazyBear
everget mrgr888n
@mrgr888n, a ti mozhesh otpravlyat' lichnie soobsheniya? Eto bylo by lutsche translita
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