Multi MAs mit Label

A MA (Moving Average) is useful to identify a trend of an assets. The TradingView builtin indicator "Exponential Moving Average" is useful, but limited in some aspects:

  • Bound to the active timeframe (e.g. h1)
  • One MA per indicator instance. Makes it confusing when using multiple

In reality to want to have multiple MAs with different types (EMA, SMA), length and timeframes on your chart to identify trading opportunities. As an example you can use the daily EMA12 and EMA21 to identify the trend and EMA200 on the h4 to enter a trade. That's what this script is used for.

The provided script is an extension to the indicator powered by chipmonk (link to profile below). The original script let you add up to 8 EMAs that can be bound to any timeframe and length. The timeframe and length is displayed on the chart next to EMA.

Unfortunately you can only add EMAs (Exponential Moving Averages) and no SMAs (Simple Moving Averages). That's why the script was extended. You can now choose the type (EMA or SMA) for up to 8 MAs.

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